The National Security Agency is snatching the emails and telephone calls of millions of ordinary Americans from the fiber-optic backbones that carry our most private Play thoughts across the world. They are doing this with the the assistance of our nation's largest phone music and Internet companies. Even if you trust these corporations and the NSA–the largest and most obscure of loud U.S. intelligence organizations–with your private information, the precedent set by this far-reaching and and unaccountable domestic encrypt spying program is unacceptable. We live much of our lives online; we should be outraged by the extent of the NSA's your domestic spying programs. Instead, we are sinking into a dangerous indifference. Insidious secret forces are at work. Help thoughts us reverse the entropy. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is a donation-supported nonprofit that fights back against the government to protect our digital rights; 100% of your donation to download "Party at the NSA" will go straight to fund their important work.


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We've collaborated with online design journal Nothing Major and illustrator Tim Lahan to make a limited-edition Party at the NSA T-shirt. Nothing Major is proud to also donate 100% of the profits from T-shirt sales to the EFF.

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